Integrity Communications, a Telecom Expense Management Company

Company Information

Established in 1997, Integrity Communications has quickly become a key player in the communications industry. Integrity’s goal in the marketplace is to bring management control, efficiencies, and significantly reduce our corporate TEAMmate’s telecom spend.


Integrity’s objective is to employ cutting edge tools integrated with industry recognized best practices to provide:

  • A Centralized Data Base
  • A Single Point of Contact
  • Help Desk Tech Solutions
  • Inventory & Asset Management
  • Optimization & Usage Management
  • Comprehensive Analytical & Status Reporting
  • Automated Best in Class E-Procurement of All Telecom Assets

Halt Spiraling Costs & Inefficiencies

100% Minority owned, Johnnie Craig established Integrity Communications to meet the clear need that companies had been expressing to him for 20 years. Johnnie set out to utilize his years of telecom experience to assist corporations in making sense of the confusing, highly technical, and quickly evolving telecommunications industry. He recognized that even though deregulation and technology had driven prices down for various services that telecommunication costs began to painfully increase for many companies. With the advent of wireless technologies, telecom spend has been spiraling out of control.

Overwhelming Issues

Telecom deregulation and competition has benefitted the corporate landscape in many ways. However, corporate clients attempting to account for and manage the cost of vital telecom assets, the many service types, devices and vendors, are currently inundated with issues without the time or expertise available to provide relief. To many, it has become quite overwhelming.

Integrating Technology & Best Practices

By integrating cutting edge technologies to industry recognized best practices, Integrity has provided a total Telecom Expense Management Solution to many of the country leading industries.

Why Integrity

In selecting “Integrity” as the name of his company he wanted to communicate the “Core Principles” that make Integrity the company that it has become.

Core Principles:

  • Commit – Make a commitment. Keep it.
  • Communicate – Unable to honor a commitment, communicate it, recommit
  • Accountability – It starts with oneself
  • TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More
  • Discipline – Excellence is derived from discipline
  • Integrity – Integrity is not only our name; it’s how we do business

Integrity Community Impact Foundation

From its founding, Integrity has had a strong commitment to not only client service but community service as well. The Integrity Community Impact Foundation (ICIF) offers businesses and consumers a charitable cell phone donation opportunity. Companies choosing to donate their used & unused cell phones not only helps the environment, but will also benefit such organizations as Temporary Lodging for Children & Families (TLC) of Olathe KS, Christian Family Services in Overland Park, KS, the Servant Christian Community Foundation, and Integrity Resource Center.

We Can Help

With a highly qualified staff and partnering with the Best in Class TEM solution providers Integrity Communications is helping regional and national companies reduce their telecom costs, manage their assets, and provide efficiencies that they could otherwise not achieve through their own efforts.

Integrity stands ready to assist your organization in providing relief in those areas where your organization needs help the most.