Telecom Expense Management Solutions

Integrity Communications offers medium-enterprise companies Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Solutions based upon the Best Practices of Telecom Lifecycle Management.

Utilizing Integrity’s Telecom Expense and Asset Management (TEAM) solutions, many recognized companies have found cost savings, efficiencies and control that before were completely out of reach. Employing cutting edge technologies integrated with industry recognized “Best Practices”, Integrity Communications provides a centralized data base, a single point of contact, expense optimization, usage, inventory and asset management for the critical communications infrastructure that all companies now rely.

Listed below are the titles and descriptions of the component Best Practices required for TEM success.

Asset ManagementAsset Management

  • Automate tracking of telecom inventories and contract dates
  • Curb wasteful spending by smart-sourcing

Invoice ValidationInvoice Validation

  • Track and recover billing errors
  • Process invoices more efficiently while limiting human error

Expense OptimizationExpense Optimization

  • Analyze rate plan and feature usage
  • Optimize telecom spend for peak ROI


  • Automated web–based software for procurement
  • Useful in assisting optimizing cost & usage, payment reconciliation, contract validation, and asset management

Help Desk SupportHelp Desk Support

  • Providing a single point of contact for move, add, change, troubleshooting, resolution
  • Comprehensive reporting on all telecom inventories

Contract and Policy ConsultingContract & Policy Consulting

  • Analyze contracts and agreements
  • Control costs with enforceable corporate standards for acquisition and use

Other Professional Services

Manual Wireline AuditWireless Expense Management (WEM) Solutions

Manual Wireline AuditManual Wireline Audit

  • Savings Guaranteed
  • Hand’s on, eye’s on approach
  • Update & provide accurate inventory
  • Reports can be used to facilitate transition to TEM solution
  • Ask about our FREE performance based Manual Wireline Audit

Cell Phone & Electronics RecyclingCell Phone & Electronics Recycling

Your donation of used & unused cell phones & electronic devices supports charity organizations while helping reduce environmental hazards.

Specialized ServicesSpecialized Services

Our niche services include:

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