Specialized Services

Specialized Services

Our niche services include:

Custom Kitting:

  • Procure, Provision, Assemble and Track custom kit packages
  • Wireless Kits can include Best in Class: wireless devices, accessories, wireless voice & data routers, equipment, extended antennas, repeaters, etc…
  • Manage shipments, products, instructions & collateral materials
  • Provide shipment status, reporting, help desk & troubleshooting

BES and Good Server Administration:

In conjunction with Integrity’s help desk BES and Good Server administration, Integrity offers quicker and easier resolutions for end users.

Integrity can:

  • Add & Remove users
  • Send over the air updates
  • Add licenses
  • Kill or freeze lost devices
  • VPN into Client server and administer BES and Good Server (maintained on client premise)