Telecom Contract & Policy Consulting

Contract & Policy Consulting

  • Analyze contracts and agreements
  • Control costs with enforceable corporate standards for acquisition and use

Contract Compliance

A company’s telecom relationship is defined by the terms & conditions of the telecom contracts in place with their vendors. The same care should be given to managing these telecom contracts as any other corporate agreement.

It has been established by industry experts that mature “2 year old contracts spend 20%-35% more per year on voice/data services compared to recently negotiated contracts” (Gartner). Therefore, the timely & continual monitoring of these service agreements is extremely important.

Additionally, it is critical to manage the terms & conditions of these contracts. You need to ensure that the deftly negotiated terms are met by both parties. Gartner has revealed that 80% of corporate telecom invoices are incorrect with average over billings of 6-8%.

Telecom Contract Consulting

Integrity applies years of experience interacting with both corporate clients and vendor agreements to provide your management team valuable insights in to vendor contracts.

Policy Development

Integrity supports clients in development of telecom policies upon request.

Key Benefits

  • Ongoing evaluation of these agreements provide significant cost control opportunities
  • Corporate centralized & standardized policy is a major assist to achieving telecom asset management & expense control
  • Centralized data base to provide visibility into all telecom vendor agreements at the touch of a button
  • Provides your team the inside information that helps them negotiate the best pricing available as well as the terms most favorable

Easy to Implement

Ask for help from one of Integrity’s seasoned professionals. We will walk you through development or enhancement of policy as well as establishing a total TEM solution.