Free Vendor Migration

Integrity will:
  • Coordinate and manage wireless vendor migration
  • Procure all devices on behalf of client selected carriers
  • Travel to client’s specified location, provision, distribute & provide support
All Integrity needs to coordinate the migration is:
  • Carrier to be migrated too
  • Proposed timeframe in which this migration is to be accomplished
  • A spreadsheet of all current devices targeted for migration with user information
  • Wireless device types selected for deployment
  • Obtain additional information TEAMmate desires to track

Typically Integrity transitions up to a 100 devices a day until the migration is complete.

With assistance from Integrity’s Migration Coordinator, client’s point of contact will also:
  • Determine which employee gets moved on what day
  • Notify employees the date the users have been selected to be migrated
  • Inform employee their old phone will quit working sometime the date specified
  • Notify management/employee when the device is ready for use