Wireless Expense Management (WEM) Solutions

WEM Solutions

Wireless Expense Management Overview

In many ways Wireless Expense Management has been evolving into a discipline of its own. Wireline & Wireless both provide for Voice & Data Communications; however wireless has been recognized by experts as far more complicated than the wireline offerings.

“It costs 10 times more to manage wireless services and devices compared to wireline” – Aberdeen Group.

Wireless Expense Management (WEM) Includes:

Wireless Expense & Asset Management includes:
  • Wireless Carrier Expense Management
  • Wireless Rate Plan Optimization
  • Wireless Pool Management
  • Carrier Account Consolidation
  • Feature Optimization
Wireless Usage Management
  • Policy Development, Monitoring, and Enforcement
  • Monthly Abuse Analysis & Reporting
  • IRS related Business vs Personal Monitoring
Wireless Cost Management
  • Pooling Usage Based Cost Allocation
  • Automated Financial/Accounting Synchronization
  • Automated Organizational Budget System Posting
Organization/ Wireless Asset Management
  • Hierarchy Management
  • Employee HR System Synchronization
  • Automated Authority System Synchronization

Wireless Expense Management (WEM) Solutions

KEY Benefits of Wireless Expense Management (WEM)

  • Centralized Cost & asset accounting to all cost centers
  • Uncovers exceptions and once hidden errors
  • Reporting tools for management to control spend
  • Provides visibility into all wireless telecom costs & assets
  • Provides history on all moves, adds, changes, & deletes
  • “Cradle to Grave” Wireless Asset Management
  • Minimize Complaints to Management
  • Significantly Reduce Management Employee Expense & Downtime
  • Vastly Improve End-User Satisfaction
  • Automated centralized e-procurement
    • Wireless Devices
    • Accessories
    • Wireless Offices
  • Installs & uninstalls, replacements, number porting, upgrades, & swaps
  • Comprehensive Procurement & Status Reporting