Wireless Invoice Validation

Invoice Validation

  • Automate wireless invoice processing
  • Process invoices more efficiently while limiting human error

Automated Validation

Processing telecom invoices properly is a complicated task. To process an invoice according to best practices, a repeatable set of processes must be created and implemented. With Integrity’s software tools we automate the entire process in a centralized data base.

Proper invoice validation includes

  • An effective and automated method to control the Move/Add/Change/Disconnect (MACD) process to determine the correct owner of the wireless device.
  • Importing or transferring invoices into a validation and exception handling system.
  • Contract compliance & carrier billing validation occurs in software each month.
  • Invoice charges must be validated for accuracy, producing a list of exception information and charges.
  • Exceptions must be tracked, disputes resolved, & changes to telecom spend noted for verification in future invoices.
  • Payment validation can occur under software control each invoice can be approved.

Key Benefits

  • Automation
  • Centralization
  • Accounting by cost center & hierarchy
  • Radical reduction of time spent by staff
  • Control of cost allocation process & posting against budgets