Telecom Expense Optimization

Expense Optimization

  • Analyze rate plan and feature usage
  • Optimize telecom spend for peak ROI

Analyzing Telecom Data

Inventory management, bill pay, & initiating processes that ensure accuracy is one thing. It is quite another to exploit all the data captured through the TEM processes. Analyzing the wealth of collected information to the benefit of your company is key to cost control & management.

Monthly rate & tariff evaluation

Optimization needs to be applied as a consistent practice with your TEM solution. Cost, usage, wireline asset and wireless device must be visible from a “mile high” to a “granular” view. Additional visibility into features, charges and equipment is essential.

Identification of Telecom Issues

In the current business environment, the timely analyses for errors & wasteful spending is critical to controlling telecom spend. Errors, exceptions and changes should be identified & noted, then tracked to recovery and/or completion.

Extensive Reporting

Comprehensive Cost and Usage reporting by appropriate hierarchy (cost centers), by service type, location, & cost-per-employee is valuable for optimization as it empowers telecom management to control spend.

Key Benefits

  • Cost & asset accounting to all cost centers
  • Uncovers exceptions and once hidden errors
  • Reporting tools for management to control spend
  • Provides visibility into all aspects of telecom costs & assets
  • Provides history on all moves, adds, changes, installs, & deletes
  • Tracks to all moves, adds, changes, installs, & deletes to completion