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Invoice Validation


Streamline the intricate task of processing telecom invoices with our software tools, as we fully automate the process within a centralized database.

Minimize Human Errors & Reclaim Billing Mistakes

Accuracy, Automation, Centralization

Import or transfer invoices into a validation and exception handling system.

Validate invoice charges for accuracy, producing a list of exception information and charges.

Implement a system for approving each invoice so that costs, exceptions, and changes are properly accounted for.

Identify and compare changes in assets against a current inventory list for accuracy.

Track exceptions, resolve disputes, and note changes to telecom spend for verification in future invoices.

Invoice Validation

Put an End to Revenue Losses
Due to Billing Errors

Our cutting-edge Invoice Validation (IV) Solution employs industry best practices, establishing a repeatable set of processes that meticulously tracks and recovers billing errors, while significantly reducing human error through automated centralization. Our software excels at accounting by cost center & hierarchy, ensures rate and tariff compliance, and drastically reduces labor expenses. Embrace efficiency and financial accuracy like never before.

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