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We are an All-in-One Telecom Expense & Asset Management company that leverages over 60 years of industry experience and our proprietary software tools to track and support all aspects of your telecom needs. From traditional telecom to wireless fleets, we track all assets, plans, and usage, provide a single point of contact for all customer support, and optimize your business to eliminate all unnecessary spending.  Our process has saved companies millions in expenses.

Expense & Asset Analysis

We employ cutting-edge technology integrated with industry-recognized best practices to analyze and track your company’s assets & telecom services.

Telecom Optimization

Unlike many consulting firms, our solution is cost & budget neutral for any size organization, whether small, large, private or public sector.

Outstanding Support

Ongoing analysis and optimization allows us to adjust assets, rate plan, and feature usage, dramatically reducing your telecom overhead.


True to their word, within 30 days Integrity delivered their audit with recommendations dramatically improving our bottom line. Integrity not only identified future cost savings without recommending a switch to a new vendor, they also uncovered several billing errors and overcharges, which have been rectified, and pursuit of recoveries is in progress.

Black & Veatch

And they’re not the only company saving money with Integrity…


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Truman Medical Centers


“… In partnering with Integrity for procurement of telecommunications, we are confident we’ve received best-in-class rates and services, and their continuous audit function verifies that carrier charges are correct. Their support has been invaluable, and they have worked seamlessly with Truman staff and our vendors to accomplish Truman’s goals and objectives. Truman Medical Center highly recommends Integrity Communications…”

Anderson Healthcare


“… Integrity has reduced our telecom spend an average of 37%…. (They have) identified and recovered significant refunds for long-standing invoice inaccuracies, completed carrier-based projects hindered by the vendor for over a year and provided guidance and support for a number of technical initiatives, as well as configuration recommendations. I highly recommend Integrity Communications…”

Memorial Hospital Belleville


“… Integrity clearly knows the industry, and regularly submits additional opportunities to lower our costs. We have experienced an average of 37% in telecom spend reduction. Their advocacy with the carrier has saved us money, time, and resources. Memorial Hospital highly recommends Integrity Communications…”

Black & Veatch


“… A vote of confidence for Integrity Communications. When I was first approached by Integrity I must admit I didn’t believe they were large enough to handle an account our size. Our satisfaction has lead us to retain Integrity’s services, and dealing with the multitude of telecommunication service providers found across the United States. I recommend Integrity, as not only a professional service firm but a competent solution to assist in management of your Communications overhead in performance of their Auditing
and Consulting Services…”



“…I investigated Integrity Communications Auditing and Consulting. I was astonished by their impressive track record. I contacted several of their references including Black and Veatch. They reiterated what I was discovering: Integrity Communications is a rock solid company with a stellar reputation for delivering results and putting money back into their client’s pockets. I highly recommend Integrity Communications to any company desiring to cut costs and improve efficiencies …”

Stinson Morrison Hecker


“…In an effort to improve our operating efficiencies, our organization secured the services of Integrity Communications, a professional telecom auditing firm, to provide a detailed audit of our telecommunications invoices. The resulting audit revealed over-charges and improved rates resulting in over $100,000 per year in future savings. I heartily recommend Integrity Communications to assist you in the management of your communications overhead…”

MidAmerica Nazarene University


“…Because we are always looking for ways to save money, and because this company came highly recommended, I agreed to an initial information meeting. At the meeting I was impressed there were no upfront fees for service, and that Integrity Communications would simply share a percentage of the recovered savings. It took less than an hour to have our accounts payable clerk copy the information needed, and in a few weeks they were back with a detailed, professional presentation outlining our savings. Soon after we received a check totaling $12,000 for recovered savings over the past three years, and an additional $24,000 per year in future savings….”



“…When Integrity Communications approached us to perform a free audit of our communications overhead as a means of uncovering potential billing errors, overcharges and cost savings we were skeptical. However, after checking out their references and the fact the audit was free, and we were under no obligation to accept their recommendations, we saw no reason not to engage in the offer. KCPT has received $33,000 in recoveries from its vendors and will experience $36,000 in future cost savings. I highly recommend Integrity Communications as a company that delivers…”

First National Bank of Nebraska, Inc. (FNNI)


“…Although one of the smaller companies to approach us, we found Integrity to have a track record and reputation to compete with the national players. Integrity provides FNNI with Expense & Asset Management, Invoice Optimization, Help Desk & Procurement. FNNI has implemented a scoreboard for each of its vendors, reviewed during vendor quarterly meetings and I am pleased to report Integrity has consistently met and or exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Integrity Communications for TEM services and solutions….”

Arrow Material Handling Products


“…Integrity Communications audits our phone bills, stays abreast of our needs, makes suggestions and changes as needed, saves us money and reduces the time I have to spend dedicated to telecom services, freeing my time for other projects. What sets Integrity apart from its competitors is the dedication its staff has to their positions and customers. Integrity handles their customers as if they are their only customer. Our company was faced with very serious telecom problems over the Christmas holiday. TEAM Integrity stayed on top of it the entire weekend keeping us updated until resolved. It is a pleasure to work with Johnnie Craig and his Integrity TEAM. Integrity is not just their company name, but how they do business…”

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