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Contract & Policy Consulting


Our contract & policy consulting service provides monthly oversight and a national perspective of telecom carrier technology, pricing and industry trends with savings upwards of 40% for many of our customers.

Analyze Contracts & Agreements

Gain Visibility & Control Costs


Continual Monitoring

Telecom and related network services rank among the top 5 business expenses. Large enterprises may receive as many as 15,000 telecom invoices in a year and they are difficult to understand. Nearly 80% of telecom invoices include billing errors, unnecessary services and misapplied taxes, tariffs and surcharges. The average company is paying 30-40% more than they should.
We continually monitor your carrier invoices, negotiate contracts and follow industry trends to ensure you’re paying the lowest possible rates and utilizing the most current technology.

Centralized Database

Our centralized database provides visibility into telecom vendor agreements, giving inside information that helps TEAM IntegrityCSI negotiate best pricing and most favorable terms.

Ongoing Contract Validation

Industry experts have established that mature telecom contracts two years or older spend 20% - 35% more on voice and data services compared to recently negotiated contracts. We continually monitor and renegotiate your contract to ensure you’re paying the lowest rates possible.

Contract Compliance

A company’s telecom relationship is defined by the terms & conditions of the telecom contracts in place with their vendors. We provide the same care to managing these telecom contracts as any other corporate agreement.

Contract & Policy Consulting

Get The Most Out of Your Agreements

Integrity applies years of experience interacting with both corporate clients and vendor agreements to provide your management team valuable insights in to vendor contracts. Upon request, Integrity also supports clients in development of internal telecom policies.

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