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What We Do Best

Telecom Expense Management

Integrity Communications offers businesses solutions to gain visibility of telecom assets and manage out of control expenses.

All The Best Practices

Under One Roof

Utilizing Industry Best Practices, Proprietary Software Tools and 60+ years of human oversight our customers have found cost savings, efficiencies and control partnering with IntegrityCSI.

Contract & Policy Consulting

Analyze contracts, control costs, policy development and consulting.

Invoice Validation

Efficiently process invoices, tracking and recovering billing errors while limiting human error.

Expense Optimization

By analyzing the wealth of collected information to the benefit of your company we control and manage your telecom costs. Through additional visibility into features, charges, and equipment we provide essential optimization.

Asset Management

We curb wasteful spending by smart-sourcing the automation of tracking telecom inventory and contract dates.

Help Desk Support

Single point of contact for move, add, change, troubleshooting, and resolution


Try Our TEAMate Process

Research & Analysis

We start by analyzing your telecom data, evaluating monthly rates & tariffs, and identifying telecom issues. Through comprehensive cost and usage reporting we empower telecom management to control spending.

Roadmap planning

By planning processes that ensure accuracy and exploiting all the data captured through our TEAMate process, we plot a course to control inventory management, bill pay, analysis for errors, and provide a consistent practice that offers micro and macro visibility into every detail of your telecom spending.

Execute & Monitor

Through our TEAMate software, we automate the entire process in a centralized database, tracking and maintaining a history of all changes; uncovering exceptions and once hidden errors to radically reduce time previously spent by your staff.

Explore Best Practices

We employ cutting edge technologies integrated with industry recognized best practices. Read about our Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Solutions below to find out how our clients have saved millions in expenses with us.

Asset Management

Automate tracking of telecom inventories and contract dates, curbing wasteful spending by smart-sourcing.


Invoice Validation

Process invoices more efficiently while limiting human error, tracking and recovering billing errors that previously went unnoticed.


Expense Optimization

Analyze rate plan and feature usage, inventory management, bill pay, and control cost to optimize your telecom spend for peak ROI.



Our automated web-based software for procurement assists in optimizing cost & usage, contract validation, and asset management.


Help Desk Support

We provide a single point of contact for all telecom account activity and inventory, including troubleshooting and problem resolution.


Contract & Policy Consulting

Analyze contracts, control costs, policy development and consulting.


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