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Actions taken to manage client’s telecom services & ascertain savings:

  • Wireline tariff reductions implemented
  • Rate plan & feature optimization of telecom invoices
  • Discovered non-compliance of vendors to appropriate tariffs &/or contract terms
  • Uncovered improper charges on terminated services
  • Exposed overpayment on telecom taxes
  • Recommended wireless new & updated plans & programs
  • Dramatically reduced expenses through consolidation by migrating circuits, lines, devices
  • Managed migration of wireless devices on behalf of TEAMmates
  • Made available better efficiencies, thus reducing internal costs due to automating & smartsourcing
  • Provided tools necessary for company resources to refocus on their core responsibilities
  • Offered centralized telecom data base

Upon identifying both issues of concern & saving opportunities

Integrity will:
  • Receive, process, validate and make ready for payment of all telecommunications invoices
  • Allocate all expenses according to customized business rules
  • Identify and pursue areas of concern, billing errors, trends, optimization, & savings opportunities
  • Provide comprehensive reporting for expense, asset, & inventory management
  • Recommend appropriate actions (savings opportunities, MAC’s, installs & uninstalls)
  • Implement approved recommendations, procurements, MAC’s &/or deletes
  • Track all implemented recommendations, procurements, MAC’s &/or deletes to completion
  • Recover on behalf of client refunds(credits) &/or procures projected future savings opportunities